We at Farmer Autovillage take our responsibilities under this amendment very seriously. We will be fully transparent in the information given to you regarding lending. This means we will always disclose to you, the borrower:

  • lending quote which will include the below:
  • interest rate and whether this is fixed or variable
  • documentation fee - an upfront fee set by the finance company
  • any monthly account keeping fees the lender may charge
  • the cost of interest and the final amount that will be paid back over the term of borrowing

We will always offer you insurance products designed to protect you ie Payment Protection Insurance, GAP Insurance, Mechanical Breakdown Warranties and vehicle insurance.  On hand will be the terms and conditions so you can make an informed choice whether to add theses to your loan.

Please note as part of the Responsible Lending Guidelines under the CCCFA all finance applications are subject to credit checks, driver licence checks. You may be required to supply income confirmation.  No "One-Size-Fits-all" so it's very important that our lenders, have as much information about you as possible so a lending package can be tailored to suit you over the loan life cycle.

We have various first tier lenders we use who all comply under the Act and Responsible Lending Code. Their links to their websites are listed below.

Our on-Site Business Managers, are here to assist you, discuss with you the best package that will fit your requirements and budget. 

Stacey MacRae Kelsie Canton Sam Downes
Business Manager Business Manager Business Manager
(07) 928 3363 (07) 928 3362  (07) 928 4405

** We are not financial advisors. Therefore when considering lending options or leasing we recommend that you seek independent advice / legal advice based on your individual circumstances**

Full terms and conditions available on request from our Business Managers.

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